Purchasing a new roof is one of the most important buys for a home owner. For the roof is the defense for natural elements. As consumers, you deserve the highest quality products on the market. The Atlanta Roof 911 team believes two things, having quality products and service.

Atlanta Roof 911 uses Owens Corning products, which we believe has the highest quality products in the roofing industry. We use rhino synthetic underlayment, which is placed under the shingles. Rhino synthetic underlayment is great quality due to the strength and protection, it provides. We use different types of shingles at different price points that would suit each person’s preference.

We take pride in having great service. At every job-site, we have a project manager overseeing the project. Atlanta Roof 911 wastes no time installing a roof. We install roofs with speed and precision because we don’t want to interfere with the customers daily life for too long. We make sure to do a great job and leave the customer happy every time.