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In Loganville, Atlanta Roof 911 provides exceptional roof repair and roof replacements that last for years. We stand by our work so much that we have a 10-Year No Leak Unmatched Warranty. The materials we use in all our roofing projects are guaranteed to last. If for any reason you encounter any problems with your new roof, you’re covered under our warranty.

Customers in Loganville also trust us because we’re an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, one of the highest distinctions in the roofing industry. Our skills and experience have led us to many successful roofing projects. We stand 100% by our work and produce results which last much longer than competitors in the area.

Loganville Roofing Services

In Loganville, we use our knowledge, tools, and experience to offer more protection for your roof against the turbulent weather which can hit the area from heavy storms to slippery snowfall and destructive hail.

Roofing Services

Failure to replace your roof in time will result in serious structural damage to your building’s foundation. You need a reliable Georgia roof replacement and repair company like Atlanta Roof 911 to take care of everything for you. We’ll prevent mold growth, insulation damage, and structural collapses from happening by remodeling or replacing your roof altogether.

Gutter Services

Atlanta Roof 911 specializes in providing gutter guards, gutter cleaning, and gutter replacement services. Our licensed crew understands what it takes to keep your gutters maintained and free of mold and water damage. We’ll ensure your home’s gutters are cleaned and fixed to the best of our ability. Avoid the many problems you’ll face by acting today to have our professionals help you!

Siding Installation and Repair

A home without adequate siding is more prone to water damage, wood rot, mold growth, and other damage to your home’s interior. Longevity is what matters most when looking for the right siding materials to use. All homes regardless of their age succumb to exterior damage from Georgia’s humid weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to have Atlanta Roof 911 help you, so you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

Emergency Roofing Repairs in Loganville

Time ticks by fast when an emergency threatens your roof and supporting structure. Give Atlanta Roof 911 a call, and our crew will expedite the roof repair and replacement process at your Loganville property. Any event that causes your roof to become a hazard or where flooding happens constitutes as a roofing emergency you need to have the professionals help you with. Here’s a list of possible roofing emergencies:

Fallen Trees

One of the worst things that can happen is when a tree branch comes down and destroys your roof’s exterior. In most cases, the damage is fixed through our roof repairs, although if the damage is severe enough, we’ll work to replace your roof instead.

Torn Shingles

High wind speeds can blow away the shingles on your roof. Wind speeds more than 50 MPH cause cracks to chimneys, siding, and roof flashing. Any storm can cause damage to your roof, so check for any water spots and holes inside your dwelling.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaking is always a sign you should immediately call a professional roofing contractor in Loganville. If you notice the leaking’s at its worse during a rainy day, your roof will need repairs at once.

Fire Hazards

Lightning from a storm could cause your property to ignite with the heat and smoke damaging your roof’s structure. The worst-case scenario happens when toxic materials like asbestos are released, putting everyone on your property at risk.

Free Loganville Roofing Inspection

Give us a call at (678)-906-4093 to have one of our roofing specialists inspect your roof for free. They will go through and check for the following:

Moss & Mold Growth

Moss and mold growing on your roof and inside of your property pose a serious health hazard to people.

Broken Shingles

Broken shingles increase potential leaking problems and subtract from your property’s curb appeal.

Overhanging Trees

Tree branches hanging over your property pose a huge risk and harm your rooftop’s ability to keep water out.

Siding and Gutter Gaps

Gaps in your siding and gutters are another entry point for leaks to develop and need immediate care.

Damaged Flashing

Holes in the flashing of your roof could be caused by poor installation or deterioration caused by aging and wear and tear.

Blistering & Shrinkage

Shingle blistering and shrinkage is an indication of poor ventilation. Left unchecked, and your roof will rot and decay, compromising your Loganville property’s stability.

Once we’ve completed our inspection, you’ll get a free estimate of how much the project will cost. We’ll guide you through all available options and contact your insurance company to handle the claims process for you. When you’re ready, we’ll start the project and work quickly to complete the job on time without a trace of debris afterward.

Get the Most Out of Roofing with Atlanta Roof 911

Our professional roofing crew will respond to any problem you might have with your roof. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we have some of the best installation and repair crews you’ll find in Loganville. You will get the following with our services:


We work around your schedule to find the most convenient service time for you.

Long-lasting warranty

Our products and services come with a guaranteed 10-year warranty. Just give us a call if you see a problem, and we’ll handle it ASAP.

Locally Owned

We understand the effects of Georgia weather, and we have a strong investment in the community in which we all share.

Insured & Bonded

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured with $2,000,000 liability to protect your property.

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As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we’ve provided unmatched quality and efficiency to each Georgia roofing project. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers say about our work!

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