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Time to Replace Your Gutters? Atlanta Roof 911 Will Come to the Rescue!

Are your gutters looking worn and deteriorated? If you’ve had them for at least five years and notice rusting, cracks, holes, or peeling paint, it’s time to have a professional team of Georgia gutter replacement experts assess the damage and help you. Gutters are important not only to add more curb appeal to your property, but also help protect it against erosion, flooding, and any other damage caused by moisture and leaking. Gutters should usually last for the lifetime of the home. However, due to poor installation or weather damage, this isn’t always the case. If the damage is severe enough, you may be eligible for a full gutter replacement or a partial replacement.

Atlanta Roof 911 has everything you need to revitalize the structure and curb appeal of your home. Our gutter replacement pros are trained to find problems you might have not been able to readily notice on your own. What could be a small leak or crack might actually be a much bigger problem than you expected. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your gutter problem fixed. By leaving your gutters as is, there’s potential for them to develop mold growth too, putting you and your entre family at risk of contracting a mold infection.

What Are the Signs of Gutter Deterioration?

Functioning gutters are essential for any home because they keep your home dry. Left unchecked, gutters can become dirty, clogged, or damaged, allowing mold to develop. Many homeowners make the mistake of believing gutters don’t have much of an important role in protecting their home, so they mistakenly miss many of the signs they need to replace their gutters.

Signs of gutter deterioration also develop due to age. If your home has steel gutters, they should last for at least 20 years, while for copper gutters, their lifespan is approximately 50 years. Here are several of the signs you need to spot to know when to call an Georgia gutter replacement professional:

Cracking and splitting

A smaller crack in your gutter system might have worsened overtime due to unchecked water and moisture damage. It’s best to regularly check your gutter system for the smallest cracks and then call a gutter replacement company to have it checked out.

Collection of water and mildew

Check your home’s foundation often as one of the most prominent signs of a worn out gutter manifests itself in pools of water near the foundation. There could also be mildew growth if the water has been there for a while. You might have either a clog or a defective gutter system needing replacement entirely.

Water marks underneath

Be sure you check your gutters at least once a year, preferably on a dry and sunny day. Water marks below the gutter mean there are leaks and damage to the fascia and soffit boards, which are located underneath the edge of your roof. For this reason, you’ll need your gutters replaced to prevent your roof from getting damaged too.

Smacking noises

When it starts raining, pay special attention to the way the water flows out of your gutter system. If you hear make smacking noises, this indicates your gutter system’s blocked and isn’t allowing water to flow out properly.

Sagging gutters

Gutter sagging is a telltale sign it’s time for you to have your gutters replaced entirely. Sagging gutters lead to stagnant pools of water forming, attracting mosquitoes and other pests. Eventually, the gutters weaken and water flows in, getting behind your walls and causing more damage.

Peeling paint

Peeling paint and orange rust spots are a definite sign there’s water the gutter system isn’t removing properly. This happens because your gutters are either extremely old or there’s some underlying damage where you need a professional to examine the situation.

When Should I Get a Gutter Expert to Help Me?

A partial or full gutter installation is meant to correct the most serious damage. If you’ve already tried to fix the problem yourself and notice the same problems recurring, you need to hire a professional team of gutter installation professionals who can quickly point out what’s happening and why.

Doing it yourself is time consuming and stressful, and a team of professionals will take the burden off your shoulders. That’s why you need to call Atlanta Roof 911. We have a team of gutter installation professionals experienced in working on projects of all sizes and difficulty. When you call us, we’ll send over an expert who will walk you through the gutter replacement process.

They’ll inspect and check your gutter system for all the problems discussed earlier and give you an estimate for the cost of repairs and time required to successfully complete the gutter replacement project. To schedule an inspection with our team, all you need to do is fill out the form below!

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