Professional Georgia Painting Services

Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint in Minimal Time with Atlanta Roof 911!

Having the best team with the necessary experience, professionalism, and understanding of the tools and products they work with is essential towards transforming the look of your property with ease. At Atlanta Roof 911, we have a group of painters who stand by their promises and won’t rest until the whole job is done right. Our paint jobs – both interior and exterior – can add new life to your property. Got a stubborn stain on the wall which needs a fresh coat of paint? Or do you have a cracking wall somewhere and have to have a professional Georgia painting company come over?

Whatever your situation is, please let us know about what’s going on, and we’ll do everything on our end to provide lasting results. We only use the finest, highest rated painting products on the market, so having the interior or exterior of your home or office painted will more than pay for itself in the coming years. See why Atlanta Roof 911 is among Georgia’s leading team of painting pros!

Should I Also Have My Fascia and Soffits Painted?

Fascia and soffits are a considerable part of what makes up a home’s curb appeal. Giving these parts of your home a good paint job can boost your returns in far less time than other means. When you go about finding a painting contractor in Georgia to work with you, you must ask yourself whether they can:

Provide a Wide Selection of Colors

Does the painting contractor have access to the right color palette? It may seem like a minor detail, but consistency and exceptional attention to detail ultimately impact your home’s curb appeal most. We recommend taking a photo of the exterior of your home, so that way, our painting experts can make more time to find the best colors to match!

Use Only the Best Painting Products

For exterior painting jobs, it’s impossible to beat the quality of exterior paints from top name brands including Benjamin Moore and Behr. Both companies produce 5-star rated products you wouldn’t be able to find just by going to your local hardware store. This is why working with a painting contractor gives you far more choices in getting the best deals.

Perform the Job Safely

There’s no downside to painting your fascia and soffits, but it is much better to have a professional do the work for you. Like with roofing projects, there’s always going to be risks at play, and it’s better to pay a little bit more upfront to have the job performed with absolute competence and professionalism.

At Atlanta Roof 911, we not only paint over fascia and soffits for your home but can replace them if we find there’s extensive damage. We recommend looking into our Georgia roof replacement services for more information!

What Kinds of Painting Projects Can You Complete?

We focus on providing painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Currently, we offer:

gutter guards

Interior Painting

Why spend so much time trying to paint the inside of your home or office all by yourself? It’s going to take far longer, and when you have to move a bunch of stuff inside, the trouble only grows worse. You also have to consider getting paint resistant to cracking and peeling. At Atlanta Roof 911, we can give your home or building a revitalized look without any damage to provide you with good peace of mind. 5-star products from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, names you can trust, are used in every interior painting project we complete!

gutter cleaning georgia

Exterior Painting

First impressions matter especially for residential and commercial property owners. Exterior painting is guaranteed to raise your property’s curb appeal and resale value. As with the interior, there’s also wear and tear which can be fixed easily with high-quality products and a painting team with proven experience. We’ll let you know how much and how long the project will take and never leave you in the dark either! We use exterior painting products from top rated companies as Benjamin Moore and Behr!

Interior and Exterior Painting Products

To recap, we’ve concentrated our efforts on using only the most highly rated painting products out there. We believe the costs are worth it if the product speaks for itself.

Here are some summaries on the different painting manufacturers we work with. Because of our relationships with these companies, you’ll benefit too with reduced prices and discounts when applicable:


It’s easy to think of Sherwin-Williams first when it comes to both interior and exterior painting projects. The company’s been around since 1866 and has lived up to its reputation for making some of the most durable, long-lasting coatings. It’s a standard among painting contractors who aim to create professional results every time. Among painting brands, it’s also one of the most affordable and budget-friendly while still more than enough to withstand the test of time.

Benjamin Moore

Another trailblazer and innovator in the painting industry is Benjamin Moore. Their brand of paint doesn’t fade or run and will have your building feel more welcoming and inviting. The company has also existed since the 1800s, and with their dedication to creating more low-maintenance shades of paint, you won’t regret your decision to have our team use these products for your next exterior painting project!


Behr is a product we use for our interior painting projects. It also has a strong reputation among painting brands and comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. You also don’t have any of that “new” paint smell with this product either. Low odor, low maintenance, and downright stunning results at the same time! What could be better?

Why Atlanta Roof 911 for Painting in Georgia?

There’s so involved in keeping your property in the best of shape. That’s why we always look at the big picture. You need a qualified painting contractor to bring out the best aspects of your home. Our customer service and craftsmanship are second to none. Here are some other reasons to consider going with Atlanta Roof 911 first for all your interior and exterior paint jobs in Georgia:


We work around your schedule to find the most convenient service time for you.

Locally Owned

We understand the effects of Georgia weather, and we have a strong investment in the community in which we all share.

Insured & Bonded

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured with $2,000,000 liability to protect your property.

Long-lasting warranty

Our products and services come with a guaranteed 10-year warranty. Just give us a call if you see a problem, and we’ll handle it ASAP.

Best Georgia Painting Products for the Best Price – Only at Atlanta Roof 911

Call us at (678) 906-4093 and get a free painting project quote! Our consultation is entirely free, and there’s no obligation to use our services and products until you’re ready!