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A home without adequate siding is more prone to water damage, wood rot, mold growth, and other damage to your home’s interior. Longevity is what matters most when looking for the right siding materials to use. All homes regardless of their age succumb to exterior damage from Georgia’s humid weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to choose the right siding installation company to help you, so you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

At Atlanta Roof 911, we have the skills necessary to make your home beautiful with state-of-the-art siding installation solutions. Our crew members are certified and work hard to deliver a fantastic product built to last for decades. You save lots of money in the long run thanks to our warranty, so you don’t have to worry about paying additional costs for the work we produce.

How to Choose the Right Siding Materials

Atlanta Roof 911 specializes in using the best siding materials for your home. We use three types of siding materials depending on what your needs are. These siding materials are:

vinyl siding georgia

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most common siding material used for new siding projects and siding repair for your home. It comes in a variety of colors and is considered one of the most durable siding materials out there on the market with a lifespan of 20-40 years depending on its thickness. We make the installation process as easy as possible and will guide you on its many benefits.

fiber cement georgia

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is especially built to withstand even the harshest of weather elements outside. It’s a mixture of cement and wood pulp which requires minimal maintenance and keeps your home looking great too! It’s the perfect middle ground between cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Fiber cement’s finish lasts approximately ten years and is also termite-proof.

cedar cement siding georgia


Homes with cedar wood siding have a warm look to differentiate it from other homes in the vicinity. It’s been used as a siding material for homes going back to when the Native Americans used cedar trees to build houses and totem poles for themselves. If you want siding that’s environmentally friendly, stunning, and resistant to water damage and insects, cedar siding might be a great fit!

Why is Siding Essential for Your Home?

Siding provides many of the same benefits as roofing for your home in acting as a protective barrier against the elements. When it comes to appearance, many people focus mostly on decorating their home’s interior. However, your home’s exterior matters just as much as what’s on the inside for sending a positive message to guests, neighbors, family, and friends.

With the right siding and maintenance, you could have a very nice home that’s also protected from water damage, wind, mold, and mildew. Moreover, proper siding takes the load off your home’s furnace systems, lowering utility bill costs.

Significant Signs That You Need New Siding

Adding new siding or repairing existing siding is one of the most important changes needed to keep your home intact. Siding installation and repair in Georgia requires time and skill to do the job just right. If you’re unsure whether you need a new siding project completed for your home, here are some of the biggest signs to consider.

Fungus and mold growth

If you notice any mildew, fungus, or mold growing on your home’s siding (especially at its seams), that means your home could have some underlying water damage.

Warped or rotted siding

Vinyl siding tends to have this problem the most because it’s most susceptible to heat damage. Warped siding problems occur most often during the summertime, and grow worse in the winter months because the cold weather makes the siding contract.

Siding with cracks

Cracked siding allows water to seep through and cause problems over time. If this issue affects several parts of your home, then it’s time to have a professional siding repair company in Georgia take care of this issue for you.

Faded exterior colors

Here’s a more aesthetic sign your home needs new siding or siding repairs. Siding that looks faded gives your home a very old, outdated look. You’ll have a more difficult time selling your home in the future.

Siding holes

Regardless of the size of the holes, you should be concerned if you observe them on your home’s siding. This could mean that insects have found ways to invade your home and burrow through it. Furthermore, moisture could also penetrate these holes.


Bubbling on your home’s siding means there’s water trapped in your home’s interior. Siding should always protect your home from outside moisture.

Should I Create My Own Siding Project or Get Professional Help?

Home improvement shows like This Old House or Flip or Flop make projects like these look easy. You might get the idea of doing it all yourself whether from watching these programs or watching someone on YouTube make siding repair look like nothing. We want to save you lots of time and frustration by giving you the truth about the true labor involved in the process.

First, if you’re a complete beginner to siding installation and repair, there are many underlying problems you won’t be able to spot without a professional pair of eyes. Even if you do discover these problems on your own, how much time do you have in your day to devote to your new siding project?

There’s tons of time and labor required to produce the best results for your home. It’s too much to attempt to handle all by yourself in one weekend. Our siding experts at Atlanta Roof 911 can do everything for you with the reassurance the job will be complete. We have a full professional crew with years of experience completing siding projects on time and schedule.

Lastly, there’s the issue with all that leftover debris you’ll have to get rid of yourself by the time you’re done. There are debris removal services out there, but you’ll have to pay more fees and go through a complicated permission process. In conclusion, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to fix your home’s siding itself if the problem requires extensive time and labor to complete.

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