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Guard your home with one of the most flexible, durable, and versatile siding materials. Fiber cement siding is noted for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can get the authentic look you’re looking for without worrying about bugs and pests biting holes into the siding. Fiber cement siding also gives your home the look of brick, stone and painted wood at a fraction of the cost.

Atlanta Roof 911 has an excellent selection of fiber cement siding options. Our experts have the experience and know-how to handle any fiber cement siding project in Georgia and get the job done quickly. Our customers praise us for our outstanding customer service and attention to detail with every project we complete. With our help, you can have an authentic-looking home with siding built to last for decades.

Fiber Cement Siding Styles

You can get fiber cement siding for your home in different textures and styles. The most popular types of fiber cement siding people love are:

Brick Fiber Cement Siding

Also called stucco fiber cement siding, this style of siding gives your home the look of masonry without the heavy price tag.

Lap Siding Fiber Cement Siding

Another name for this style of siding is clapboard siding, which refers to siding made from overlapping wedge-shaped boards, which are installed row by row. They work with just about any style of home you have.

Panel Siding

Also called sheet form siding, you can get this style of siding in 5/16” sheets. They’ll give your home a very modern feel.

Shingle Fiber Cement Siding

You can get shingle fiber cement siding with a wood-grain or hand-split texture to compliment the style of your residential building. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Having Fiber Cement Siding Installed

Clearly fiber cement siding is one of the strongest options out there for protecting your home’s exterior. There are many advantages to having fiber cement siding installed, including the following:


Fiber cement siding has the same fire resistance as a brick, with a flame-spread Rating of 0 and is also a Class I material. In the event of a fire, you don’t have to worry about fiber cement siding igniting.

Resistant to weather conditions

Because of the strong materials fiber cement siding is made from, it won’t deteriorate because of hail, UV exposure, or extreme changes in humidity. Fiber cement siding benefits you most in the long-term, and its astounding resilience against extreme weather makes it worth the investment.

Less maintenance needed

While there is minimal maintenance required with fiber cement siding, you don’t need to stain or pressure wash the product. Most likely, the caulk and sealant might need replacement if you see any signs of moisture causing problems.

Recyclable and sustainable

Fiber cement siding is partially made from recycled wood. Fiber cement siding doesn’t emit PCBs when set on fire nor release many dioxins into the atmosphere, so you can feel absolutely confident you’re getting a completely sustainable product.


Bugs and pests have a hard time gnawing away at fiber cement siding due to its ultra-strength. Termites are also unable to penetrate through fiber cement siding because there’s no wood for them to chew through.

Energy efficiency

During the winter, fiber cement siding keeps the cool air from entering your home. It performs an excellent job in the summer months preventing hot air from coming in. You should see a drop in your energy expenses after fiber cement siding is installed for your exterior.

Why is Fiber Cement Siding So Strong?

Fiber cement siding is unlike its competitors in how incredibly strong and resistant it is to many conditions such as heat, cold, insects, fire, and rain. Part of why fiber cement makes a very strong material for siding are the materials used to create it. Fiber cement is made from a combination of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. The fibers keep the fiber cement’s moisture levels low, preventing cracking. Because of the extreme toughness of fiber cement siding, manufacturers usually warranty their fiber cement siding products for 50 years, a testament to its sheer strength.

Why Let a Professional Georgia Siding Contractor Help You?

Fiber cement siding is known for its heaviness, weighing about 2 ½ pounds per square foot. It’s not a material you want to grapple with by yourself as its also prone to cracking if not handled properly. If you have very old fiber cement siding requiring replacement, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing a serious condition due to possible exposure to asbestos. Not all fiber cement siding products have wood pulp in them, especially fiber cement siding used before the 1980s.

Atlanta Roof 911’s team of professional siding installation pros want to save you the hassle of installing fiber cement siding yourself. One of our appraisers will visit your residential area and conduct an inspection. They’ll help you understand the scope and details of the project and give you a free estimate. If you’d like to receive an inspection from our team, please fill out the form below.

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